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Healthy People matter! 

  • We take care of ourselves so we have energy to help others! 
  • We work well with others!
  • We work for kids' and families' well-being!
  • We influence children, families, workplaces, and communities!

    Let Sally Crosiar help you do all that - and more!

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Sally's first novel will be available on Amazon this month!  

Can you come home again?

It’s not like Vi wants to come back. Not when she ran from there ten years ago and the life she’s lived since.  But she can’t say no this time.

So how bad can three days be?

Her father and stepmother wonder too, fearing her visit will disrupt what each holds most dear. It’s no ride on a pink duck for Vi, especially when she finds out Nate Barlow has moved back to town. Vi wonders…

Can you survive treacherous hope?

And here are 10 Great Quotes on Leadership. Enjoy!
Author, Instructor, Team-Builder

Sally writes to entertain and inspire and instructs for Empire State College and the Network for Youth Success to educate and inspire.  And she builds community for organizations and audiences with a personal, humorous, and interactive style.

You won't sit still in one of Sally's workshops. Book one and find out!

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