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Announcing my debut novel!  
 Come Back tells the story of Vi Masters who reluc
tantly returns to the hometown she fled ten years before. In her three-day visit, we see the dark side of hope and its aftermath for Vi, her father and stepmother, and her nearly-requited teenage love. Come along with me on a story-telling journey! 

My Uncle Dave, published in 2000, tells a true story that illustrates that it is not what happens to a person, but how he reacts to it that makes a difference.  

Order My Uncle Dave directly from me at Sally@healthypeoplelearn.com

I co-authored Love Builders with Dr. Sidney Simon, one of the most thought-provoking teachers and mentors I've ever known.  It's filled with tools strategies to enrich and strengthen the connections in every relationship - partner, parent/child, teacher/student, neighbor, friend.

Order Love Builders from iUniverse.com

My first book, Find the Love of Your Life, (currently out of print) tells how my first husband Dave and I found each other - and how we overcame real and justified fear to build a richness neither of us had ever known.  Sadly, Dave died a year and 3 months before this book was published, but he remains on every page and deep in my heart.  (I used much the same strategy to heal and find my next love - still going strong after 13+years!)

Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness is the most recent of numerous curricula I have co-authored through my long association with Cornell Cooperative Extension.  Find CHFFF and the Choose Health Action Teen (CHAT) Facilitator Guide and the Cornell Healthy After School Environment (CHASE) Self-Assessment Tool at fnec.cornell.edu/Our_Initiatives.

Other curricula published by Cornell University includes:

Choose Health at 4-H Camp, 2010
Youth Development Foundations for 4-H Camp Staff, 2002
Training School-Age Child Care Staff, 1995
Nutrition for Life, 1987

Novels in the Works!

I've loved non-fiction, self-help, and curriculum writing - but nothing excites me more than bringing fictional characters to life!  Here's what I'm working on.

My second novel - HOME PLACE - tells the story of Kat Patterson's quest to re-furbish her family's 1870's farmhouse when her brother wants  Whip Tyler to help him develop houses, golf course, whatever will make money on the Patterson farm. So why does Kat find herself attracted to Whip, and how can she trust him?

Read more of my writing and that of my friends in the Canandaigua Writing Group at our blog.

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