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I founded Healthy People in 1992 because I truly believe that Healthy People do Make a Difference in this world!  I think of health in the broadest terms, and believe that each of us has the personal power to influence the health of those we love, those who live next door or around the globe, and of our planet.

If you'd like to:
  • Gain personal satisfaction in work, family, and life
  • Work more effectively with others
  • Understand how children change as they grow
  • Learn how to meet kids' needs for belonging, independence, mastery, generosity, and fun/stimulation
  • Learn strategies to teach children skills so they can meet their own needs
  • Develop leadership skills to influence others
  • Or be a 'beta reader' for a juicy novel...
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How I learned...

I draw on over twenty-five years in the trenches of health education and youth development, my long association with Cornell Cooperative Extension as a 4-H Youth Development Educator and Curriculum Specialist, and my MS in Health/Fitness Management from American University.  Curriculum Vita available on request.

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