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Providers of before- and after-school programming can gain knowledge, skills, and a School-Age Care Credential which is one qualification for a site-supervisor position.

For more information, to find the SAC Credential Manual and course applications, go to www.networkforyouthsuccess.org

Find useful links for SAC Credential Prep Coursework below:

Skill Area 1 Professionalism

Skill Area 2 Child Development
(I heartily recommend Yardsticks as the best and most definitive book 
on child development that I've encountered.)

Skill Area 3 Safety
(Both samples require site-specific adaptations to fit your program.)

Skill Area 4 Health

Skill Area 5 Self

Skill Area 6 Guidance
The DESCA Scale:  Created by Merrill Harmon to quickly assess program's Dignity, Energy, Self-Management, Community, and Awareness.
Discipline with Dignity by Allen Mendler and Richard Curwin: Inventory Tools:  

Skill Area 7 Out of School Environments
Assess your program's space, relationships, and routines according to 

Skill Area 8 Creative
Use page 1 to involve children in program planning.  
Help kids identify a Big Idea Theme and topics that fit key learning areas.
Then use subsequent pages to identify how your plan supports Common Core learning, and create detailed experiential learning plans for each area.

Skill Area 9 Physical
Use this Game Template to create a file of fun so you don't have to rely only on kickball!

Skill Area 10 Cognitive
Explore how before- and after-school programs can support Common Core learning in the article: 

Skill Area 13 Families
Adapt this survey form to find out how families want you to stay in touch!

Skill Area 14 Program Operational Management
Assess your whole program using the following tools:

Course Schedules

Sally teaches the following SAC Credential Prep Courses:
Distance Learning:
  • September 12 - December 12, 2017
  • January 16 - May 8, 2018
Click here for more information about the course and here to apply.

Face-to-Face in Rochester, NY:
Contact Danette Campbell-Bell for information about fall courses.

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